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Among the main achievements of the Saint-Léonard Food Security Concertation in recent years, we note:

  • Creation of the Round Table of St-Leonard (2001): Community meals, educational food workshops, frozen meal distribution service for people with reduced mobility.

  • Creation of the directory of self-help and food support resources (2001-2007 and 2008). The number of organizations listed in the directory increased from 4 in 2001 to 11 for the directories of 2007 and 2008.

  • Méristas 2006 (offered by the CDEC) for the Bien dans son belly project: awareness-raising and information activities and workshops on subjects related to food in schools

  • Food fair (2006): More than 500 participants. Great mobilization and consultation of the public, parapublic, community and private sectors were created around a general public event.

  • Food journey (2007-2008): The objectives of the project are to break the isolation and bring the people involved in the project to see their potential contribution to the community by allowing them to acquire sufficient autonomy.

  • Public markets (2007 and 2008), at the Alphonse-Pesant school

  • Implementation of the Bonne Boite Bonne Bouffe project at the Round Table

  • Forum "Come simmer projects with us". Realization of a document portraying the accessibility of fresh fruits and vegetables and a study on the cost of a basket of fruits and vegetables in St-Léonard (2009) -In St-Léonard, we eat fresh

  • Surveys on consumption habits of Leonardians (2009-2010)

  • Incorporation of the St-Léonard Food Security Table (2010-2011).

  • Realization of a first Christmas Sharing Store in St-Léonard, as well as the Back-to-School Sharing Store (now called Winter Food Aid et Operation Backpack) (2010-2011)

  • Mobile fresh fruit and vegetable market pilot project (2012 to 2015): Several marks of recognition from the community: The Market has been the subject of positive reports on the radio and on TV, Winner of the Jean-Pierre Bélanger Prize from the ASPQ, winner of the Humanities Change the World Prize, from the Faculty of Human Sciences of UQAM.

  • Participation in various events: carrying out activities related to healthy eating, product tastings and sale of fruits and vegetables (2012 to 2015).

  • Establishment of an educational garden (2015-2016): Several educational workshops on urban agriculture have taken place there since then.

  • Writing a report making a Portrait of Food Security in St-Léonard (2019)

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