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Tips and tricks

To help you make the right choices on the grocery store shelves, we provide you with some tips and tricks, as well as legal references.


Pricing Accuracy Policy

Merchants have an obligation to indicate the correct prices on their shelves. In case of error, you have the right to claim 

  • get the product for free (if it costs less than $10)

  • to have a 10$ discount on the price of the product (if it costs more than 10$).

For all the details:

How to read a price tag?

Have you noticed: on the price tags it always mentions the hard cost produced per 100g. This allows you to quickly compare the price of two products, when sold in different formats. 

See full explanation here.

Capture d’écran 2022-09-14 130949_edited

Can we eat expired food?

The MAPAQ confirms that certain foods are edible, despite having passed their expiry date, if they are not altered. Others can also be transformed. Consult this sheet for all the details.


One trick to saving money on groceries is to check out the weekly flyers. But did you know that there are now apps that can help us compare prices?

  • Reebee and Flipp to compare flyers and find the best deals

  • FoodHero and Flashfood make it possible to buy end-of-life products at a discount

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