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It is rich in fiber and has a slightly tangy taste. To compensate for its high acidity, rhubarb is usually prepared with a large amount of sugar, for example in jams, compotes and pies. 
It can also be used in savory dishes to replace vinegar or lemon.

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cooking technique

One hour before serving the rhubarb stalks, put them in cold water to firm them up. Cut the ends and, if necessary, remove the brown parts.

Avoid cooking rhubarb in aluminum, iron, or copper pans, as it can react with these metals and turn an unappetizing brown color.

Price range

Rhubarb is sold in bunches, at around $5. 


  • Rich in fiber;

  • Source of vitamin C;

  • Source of antioxidants;

  • Stimulates transit;

  • Fight against certain pathologies.

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Did you know?

The term "rhubarb" is a deformation of the Latin rhabarbarum, itself derived from rheum barbarum. Rheum is borrowed from the Greek Rha, which once designated the Volga, on the banks of which the plant grew spontaneously. The expression rheum barbarum therefore meant "barbarous plant of the Volga". 

How to choose it

Rhubarb stalks should be firm and heavy. Their color should be pinkish-red.

Available from May to September.


Once purchased, it must be consumed quickly. It can be kept for 2 or 3 days in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

We can also thefreezing, making compote or jam.


Although some people seem to tolerate them, it is recommended not to consume rhubarb leaves, as they can be quite toxic.

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Recipe ideas


Rhubarb red bean curry

The rhubarb gives a slight hint of acidity, but it is barely noticeable with the spices and the sweet side of the tomato sauce.

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