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A versatile vegetable, it is eaten in couscous, as a base for sauce or pizza dough or even in gratins and soups! You can even grate it and use it as a substitute for rice or couscous. Colorful cauliflowers arouse curiosity and add a touch of originality to our plates.

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cooking technique

You can eat cauliflower raw or cooked.

  • Raw, simply cut it into pieces and add it to a salad or eat it with a dip.

  • To cook it, simply place it in salted boiling water for 5 minutes and drain it.

To take full advantage of the benefits of cauliflower, it is recommended to eat it raw or undercooked. Steamed or sautéed in a pan, it will retain more of its nutrients.

Price range

Cauliflowers cost around $3 each.


  • Rich in vitamin C;

  • Fight against the appearance of certain cancers 

  • Low in calories;

  • Source of vitamin B9;

  • Source of selenium.

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Did you know?

The term "cauliflower" appeared in the French language in 1611. It comes from the Italian cavalo-fiore and, before taking its final form, this vegetable was called in French "coliflori". The Latin name of the subspecies to which it belongs, botrytis, means "bunch of grapes" by analogy in shape between the florets of cauliflower and the bunch of grapes.

How to choose it

Cauliflower heads should be firm and the florets tight. What's left of the foliage should be fresh, green and swollen with water. The presence of brown spots indicates the onset of rot. The grainy appearance of the finials is not a problem as long as they remain tightly closed. If they are apart, it is a sign that the vegetable was harvested too late.

Available from June to October.


  • In the refrigerator: 4 or 5 days in the vegetable drawer.

  • In the freezer: blanch it for 3 minutes in boiling water, then cool in iced water. Drain and put in freezer bags.

Warning: it is best not to place it near apples, pears and avocados in the refrigerator, as it is sensitive to a gas that these fruits emit when ripening (ethylene).


The green leaves of cauliflower are edible. They pleasantly flavor soups and stews. Cauliflower stalks, once peeled, deserve their place in raw vegetables or in Asian stir-fries.

Image de Immo Wegmann

Recipe Ideas


Roasted cauliflower

A simple recipe for cooking cauliflower to accompany your dishes.

To view the recipe,Click here.

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