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We recognize it for its air of white carrots, we love it for its sweet taste reminiscent of hazelnut. 
This fleshy winter root vegetable is versatile: eaten raw, grated, in a salad, sautéed, baked, in soup, mashed potatoes or even in fries or potato chips.

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cooking technique

It can be eaten raw, simply grated in salads.

To cook it, it can be cut into rings to sauté or roast in the oven.

  • Water: 10-15 min in boiling water (if cut into pieces)

  • Steam: 15-20 min (if cut into pieces)

  • Frying pan: drizzle with oil and cook for about 10 -15 min

  • Oven: 30-40 min until tender

Price range

1.10$ / 100g, it is normally sold in bags, like carrots. ($5 per bag)


  • Rich in fiber;

  • Source of antioxidants;

  • Beneficial effects against certain cancers;

  • Source of group B vitamins;

  • Source of potassium and magnesium.

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Did you know?

The sweet flavor of parsnips increases when it experiences a little frost while still in the ground. The cold transforms its starch into sugar.

How to choose it

Preferably choose healthy roots of medium size: the largest may be fibrous, while the smallest dry out quickly.

Available all year round.


  • In the refrigerator: Two weeks in a perforated or opened plastic bag.

  • In a cellar: All winter in slightly damp sand, but they are even better if kept in the garden, in the ground.

  • Freezer: Raw parsnips can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. It is important that you bleach it first.

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Tip: To keep it longer

Image de Jasmine Waheed

Parsnip and carrot gratin

Recipe ideas


Excellent recipe, delicious with any roasted meat.

To view the recipe,Click here.

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