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Solidarity Markets and Baskets

Marchés solidaires

Since its creation, the Food Security Concertation of St-Léonard has taken part in many small pop-up market projects.

We are currently working to perpetuate this type of project, in order to counter the food deserts in the borough. 

In addition, during the presentation of the 2022-2030 Climate Plan, we had the city hall's commitment to facilitate the emergence of a public food market in collaboration with local partners.

Paniers solidaires

In collaboration with the Solidarity Market Supply Mutual, the Women's Crossroads and the family house, the Food Security Concertation of St-Léonard has set up a Solidarity Baskets program.

The Solidarity Baskets of Saint-Léonard project consists of offering you baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.

Our engagement

▪️ Fresh fruits and vegetables

▪️ Good quality

▪️ Premises in summer
▪️ Below market prices

The distribution is done every 2 weeks, at the Pavillon Wilfrid-Bastien.

Fill out the following form to order your basket:

This project was made possible thanks to the support of the Harvest Collective.


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